LSU Tiger Derek Stingley Jr. Is Already Getting Paid Off NIL Ruling

Recently, the NCAA Board of Directors approved one of the biggest and most controversial rule changes in the history of college sports. 

As of July 1st, the new name, image, and likeness rules will allow student-athletes to profit off their popularity and brand in their sport.

LSU Tiger and future NFL draft pick Derek Stingley Jr. has already started putting his financial plans in motion by signing a deal with the popular food chain Walk-Ons; owed by former Saints Legend Drew Brees.


Derek Stingley Jr. has been given the highest honor at LSU and that is to wear the No.7 jersey. Kids grow up in Louisiana idolizing players that wore this legendary number; greats such as Arizona Cardinals DB Patrick Peterson and Kansas City Chiefs strong safety Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu. 

Wearing this number does bring great responsibility. Yes, Stingley Jr. being selected to wear that number shows the level of his leadership and respectability within the locker room, but the amount of revenue coming from wearing the No.7 jersey alone will prove valuable for Derek and LSU football.

It also helps in the revenue department that Derek plays defensive back at the school known as “DBU” or Defensive Back University for the amount of superb defensive secondary players they send to the NFL. 

The chance for athletes to get compensated for their image and likeness is a game-changer and Stingley Jr. will be atop the list as one of the marketable athletes who could possibly reap hundreds of thousands before ever stepping on an NFL field. This alone empowers the athlete to make decisions that are prudent and health conscious. 

If Derek Stingely Jr. can stay healthy and repeat the performances from his freshman year, the endorsement deals will continue becoming available throughout the football season.


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