Lil Scrappy’s Struggle Plate

Twitter delivered today in a big way all thanks to Lil Scrappy. He tweeted a plate made by his queen and the plate was an extreme #struggleplate.

Really, Scrappy? What in the name of six-pound baby Jesus in the manger is going on in that plate? Is that bread, a muffin or meatloaf in the upper left-corner of the plate. And how did Queen Erica manage to mess up some out the box Kraft macaroni and cheese? Jesus be some Alka Seltzer tablets. As you know, social media does not let a struggle plate go by without cracking jokes. Therefore the trending topic #twitpicwhatericamadeyoufrodinner was born. YAAASSSS. Here are some of our favorites from the day.


Word? You just gon’ hit em with the pistachios, son?

What is that cheese doing?

#TwitpicWhatEricaMadeYouForDinner  on Twitpic

And I'm done.

Quick breakfast  on Twitpic


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