“Like, Damn, Not Enough Go Balls” | Steelers Wide Receiver Chase Claypool Calls Out Steelers’ Lack Of Offensive Aggression

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently mired in a 2-5 season. A losing season would be the first in head coach Mike Tomlin’s career after a record 15 consecutive seasons of at least .500 records to begin his career.

The retirement of future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger has obviously set the offense back a bit. He manned the position for 18 seasons and helped the organization maintain stability. With Big Ben done, the Steelers have used a combination of much-maligned Mitchell Trubisky and promising 2022 first-round pick Kenny Pickett, and let’s just say it hasn’t looked good.

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The Real Problem

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada and his uncreative system of generating points seems to be the real culprit when it comes to the Steelers’ struggles. It’s safe to say that Canada is lacking as the play-caller. All season, Steelers players have made various remarks showing their disapproval of the offense Canada has them playing in.

Claypool Wants More Downfield Opportunities For Talented But Underutilized Receiving Corps

Following Sunday’s ugly 16-10 loss to the Dolphins, wide receiver Chase Claypool, who drew the ire of Tomlin for requesting that practice be “more fun” during the preseason, gave what he feels would be a solution to the team’s woes.

Claypool, a guy who called himself a top three receiver in the league, said this via his postgame interview with ESPN’s Brooke Pryor.

“I just think we need more deep balls. Like, damn, not enough go balls. We got playmakers. I haven’t had a go ball all year. George Pickens needs more, Diontae Johnson needs more. I’m not saying that’s on the play-calling, I’m just saying we need to try and scheme it up.”

Claypool is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He’s implying that the Steelers need to take more risks offensively but also refuses to specifically blame the play-calling with Canada at the helm. Claypool understandably doesn’t want to specifically call his OC out, but he basically did everything but call him by name. 

Canada Isn’t Helping Either QB: Tomlin Is Strangely Sticking By His Embattled OC

Since last season when the aforementioned Big Ben called out how predictable and bland Canada’s offense is, other players have taken shots as well.

In September, Trubisky called out the lack of receiver concepts in the offense. The former UNC product had this to say about his lack of throwing to the middle of the field.

“Call concepts to get receivers there.”

That’s just one of the many different times players have publicly chastised the offense.

But head coach Mike Tomlin seems to turn a deaf ear to the grumblings, as he’s stood up for his often-embattled offensive coordinator.

Following the team’s 38-3 blowout loss to the Bills, Tomlin expressed that he was still “very confident” in Canada. Then after Sunday’s loss to the Fins, Tomlin told reporters he believes the team is beginning to find its identity.

“I feel like we are,” Tomlin told reporters when asked if the team’s offensive identity is solidifying. “But we didn’t make the necessary splash plays today to secure the victory. But I certainly feel like we are.”

Only time will tell if the Steelers can dig out of this 2-5 hole and Canada can come up with some schemes to utilize their many playmakers and generate some points.

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