‘Life Keeps Throwing Punches, And I’m Gonna Keep Throwing Them Back’| Dak Prescott Is In A Walking Boot, While Michael Irvin Says Buy Your Cowboys Super Bowl Tickets

Dak Prescott’s 445-yard, three-TD performance in a 35-29 comeback victory over the New England Patriots in overtime on Sunday has Cowboys Nation thinking Super Bowl. 

ESPN “First Take” co-host Michael Irvin, a Dallas Cowboys legend, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for the Cowboys, who at 5-1 are enjoying the franchise’s best start through six games since 2016. Dallas also ended a six-game losing streak against New England that dates back to 1996. 

Talk about releasing the albatross. Unloading the monkey on your back. They did all that on Sunday. Cowboys fans are known to exaggerate their team’s potential, but this time, Irvin says, the ’Boys are for real. 

“Cowboys fans, go get your Super Bowl tickets.” Irvin insisted on “First Take.”

“I know what it takes to win Super Bowls and championships on every level,” he screamed. “I have won and there’s certain things woven through those teams that I see now in the Dallas Cowboys.” 

The first thing being an All-Pro quarterback like Prescott, who has looked adversity square in the eye several times over these past few years, from losing his brother to suicide during the pandemic to a lengthy contract negotiation to enduring public doubts about his worth as a quarterback.

Just when everything seemed to be going perfectly, Dak emerged from the locker room to greet reporters in what should have been a joyous press conference. The $160M quarterback was sporting a protective boot on his foot, much to the horror of Cowboys Nation. Prescott was injured on the game-winning TD he threw to Cee Dee Lamb. 


Bittersweet Victory 

Prescott injured his right calf on a play that is now bittersweet for the Cowboys organization. CowboysSI.com is being told Prescott will undergo further examination — possibly an MRI — on the calf sometime on Monday. 

The last thing Dallas Cowboys fans need is another injury to their quarterback who returned this season from a compound fracture and dislocation of the right ankle that destroyed his 2020 season.  

In typical Prescott fashion, he was gracious and offered encouraging words, downplaying the severity of the calf problem. 

“Life keeps throwing punches, and I’m going to keep throwing them back,” Dak said. “I’ll be fine. I’ve got a lot of confidence in myself and the medical team. I feel good obviously. This is just a precaution. Good thing about the TD. … It doesn’t hurt as bad, obviously, when you score and win the game. 

He even joked about it and the organization also dismissed the injury as not being serious. 

According to CBS Sports, Dak said: 

“I figured when we weren’t playing for a week, so I would give you guys something to talk about and speculate on this time,” said Prescott playfully. “So there you go. … Yeah, the last throw, just came down funny. That’s what it was. It will be checked out. 

“I’ll be fine, I can promise you that. Great time to be going into the bye week. As I said, you all can have fun with it this week.”

Dallas hopes that moment of glory and exultation doesn’t become the peak and negative turning point of a potentially great season. 

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