LeSean McCoy Says Eagles Offense Will Be Fittest Team In The League

The Eagles have proven in recent offseasons that whether it's referring to themselves as a "Dream Team" or Mike Vick's Super Bowl or bust comments, they do not believe in keeping things close to the vest. They've had all-world athletes in the offense, but they haven't been able to piece things together.

New head coach Chip Kelly wants them to play faster. After Bill Belichick visited Oregon during the last offseason, Kelly's principles nearly allowed the New England Patriots to run the most offensive plays from scrimmage in NFL history. If you listen to LeSean McCoy, Chip Kelly has infused the Eagles offense with Red Bull in his first three practices. It remains to be seen whether they can eclipse the Pats offensive no-huddle with the talent they have on deck, but it sounds like the Eagles fast break offense will at least be must-see television when they debut on Monday Night Football September 9.

Via NFL.com:

"We're running so much — it's like a freakin' track meet, like a relay. We need some extra guys," running back LeSean McCoy said Thursday, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

"I've never played in an offense where the tempo was so high," McCoy went on. "There's so many plays, so fast … as soon as you're done, you've got to be ready for the next play."

McCoy was referring to teammates Bryce Brown and Chris Polk, and how there will be plenty of work for the three running backs. McCoy believes the Eagles "will be in the best shape in the league."

"This offense, we're shifting, moving. As soon as you get tackled, there's no celebrations after the play, it's strictly let's get the next play and let's go," he said. "I want to say by the second or third quarter, teams will be tired, as you've seen (with) Oregon. That's how they really won a lot of their games … as a defense, you don't get a chance to really adjust, because you're moving so much."


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