Legendary NBA Photog Andy Bernstein Talks “Kobe Bryant Day” On The John Roa Show

The world — regardless of color, political affiliation, race or creed — is celebrating Kobe Bryant Day. The Los Angeles Dodgers wore Lakers jerseys to celebrate Kobe’s 42nd birthday yesterday and the sports, business, and entertainment world have acknowledged the greatness and impact of one of the iconic basketball players and astute hoops minds to ever live.

Kobe’s tremendous support of women’s basketball and athletics will be also be celebrated along with his Mamba Academy legacy during this annual remembrance of a great American hero.

We’ve had several conversations with legendary NBA photographer Andrew Bernstein, who not only captured every Kobe Bryant photo lodged in our permanent sports memories but he also wrote a book called “The Mamba Mentality” with Kobe before the legend passed in a tragic private plane crash in January, along with his daughter Gigi and seven other victims.

So who better than Andy to reflect on the incomparable legacy of Black Mamba on Kobe Bryant Day? 

The John Roa Show & Andy Bernstein Talk Kobe

Each Monday, The John Roa Show explores the rollercoaster of life and success through honest and vulnerable conversations with business leaders, company founders, and groundbreaking celebrities.

As the world celebrates Kobe Bryant day, today’s episode features an interview with Andrew.  

Among the topics Andrew discusses:

  • On shooting his first game – the 1983 NBA All-Star (virtually for free) and watching Marvin Gaye perform the national anthem
  • The early days when athletes like Karl Malone and Chris Mullin realized that sports media was about to become huge
  • The first time he met Kobe
  • What mattered most to Kobe and what he was like to shoot
  • Kobe and Jordan
  • Kobe and his love for his family
  • Speaking publicly for the first time about his 19 years of sobriety

Happy Mamba Day!

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