Led By Peyton Manning, NFL Quarterbacks Had A Historic Week

Pick a quarterback and you'll find one who had a great day throwing the football. Sleepy Hollow isn't just a show on FOX about a headless horseman. It also perfectly describes NFL secondaries. Fear of getting ejected or fined for helmet-to-helmet hits has defensive backs running around more helpless than headless horsemen.

In case you thought Peyton Manning's opening night performance was a fluke. Think again. Chip Kelly's Eagles aren't the only team in the midst of an offensive revolution. The entire league has taken up this newfangled passing fancy. Aided by Manning's bazillion touchdowns in week one, NFL quarterbacks for 32 teams threw for 63 touchdowns. Looks like the NFL's new rules handicapping defensive players is finally creating an Arena League Effect, especially in the redzone.

While NFL defenders are hemorrhaging points in fines to the league for innocuous hits, quarterbacks are eating better and better. Quick, somebody tell Andrew Luck to stop running the ball into the endzone so much. Just pass it, bruh.