LeBron Stands With Kap: Wears His Nike Shirt In Locker Room

LeBron James has yet to let up on his public support for Colin Kaepernick, in all aspects.

The King this time wore Kaep’s exclusive Nike gear on his way to the Lakers’ preseason game against the Sacramento Kings. James has previously voiced his support for the former 49ers QB, as both an athlete and an activist, and other NFL players who’ve protested racial injustices by kneeling during the national anthem.

He’s never shied away from the backlash or heavyweight that came with speaking out on social and political matters openly. Clearly, he’s all for the smoke since he has on several occasions called out President Trump publicly.

Sports Illustrated on Twitter

LeBron showing love to Colin Kaepernick while arriving to the arena tonight

LBJ is one of several top professional athletes who is using their platforms and brands to speak up on important social and political matters during this current climate. More recently, we’ve seen Serena Williams use her notoriety to speak on topics such as equality disparities, sexism and more.

It’s great to see professional athletes not shutting up and pushing towards positive change. Because despite what people think, politics, social issues, and equality have always been staples within sports.

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