LeBron’s Flopping Would Embarrass Italian Soccer Players

LeBron James yelled at his teammates during Game 5 for not being tough enough, then proceeded to eviscerate the Pacers to win the game. In a potential closeout Game 6, the Heat didn't display any of the same emotional intensity and was perhaps summed up best when LeBron took a shot from Paul George and fell straight to the ground. His actions will likely cost him $10,000 as he was already fined $5,000 for a flop in Game 4.

It's getting to the point that the NBA could take a page from The Guardian in their advertising. 

The series now heads to Game 7 in Miami after the 91-77 loss and LeBron will need a tougher chin, especially if the dismal offensive output continues from Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen continues. Mike Miller managed to hit a few shots off the bench for the Heat but it wasn't nearly enough. LeBron James needs someone else to step up or Indiana face the Spurs, creating an All-ABA NBA Finals. 



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