LeBron James Was Way Too Upbeat For Jury Duty This Morning

LeBron James may have an issue with the attention that comes from celebrity life, but he seems to appreciate the mundane facets of normal life. While you or I may scoff at the idea of jury duty, James seems especially intrigued by the idea of having to serve jury duty like a normal citizen. On Thursday morning James fired out out a tweet complete with exclamation marks to denote his excitement and an Instagram photo of himself cheesing in front of a mirror before he headed to court.

Needless to say, James was not selected for the jury. James is used to being selected first on most courts, but he's fortunate that he wasn't actually picked for an actual jury. The pay isn't the same and the last thing he wants to do is make another decision in the public eye.

It should also be noted that the the Summit County Courthouse James went to is in Akron, Ohio and that he wore an Indians cap to court. I'm not saying Cleveland fans shouldn't use those tidbits as bread crumbs indicating where he's heading in 2014, but somebody's got to keep the hope alive.