LeBron James Stars On GQ Cover And Pulls No Punches In Interview

LeBron has been doing some amazing things this past year.

He announced that he’s founding a school next year, he’s given lots of money to charity, he’s launched successful media ventures and he shut down Trump with a single tweet.

The Shadow League on Twitter

LeBron is not here for the play play.

And today, right in time for the start of the 2017-2018 NBA season, King James has earned a spot, once again, on the cover of GQ magazine.

GQ Magazine on Twitter

Presenting GQ’s November cover star: LeBron James (@KingJames) https://t.co/oA6vvmJtcU

In the interview, LeBron discusses the Trump tweet, his future, his ongoing impact both on and off the court and his responsibility as a leader and role model.

Its my responsibility. I believe that I was put here for a higher cause. We have people that have been in the higher positions that chose to do it and chose not to do it.

LeBron has continued to expand not only his empire but also his presence in society. He understands his position and platform and is not hesitant to use it when it comes to matters of social injustice, no matter where it happens. When asked about situations such as the killing of unarmed Black men, James reflects deeply, especially as a Father to three children.

“It’s heavy when a situation occurs either with myself or with someone in a different city, i.e., Trayvon, Mike Brown. I have to go home and talk to my 13- and 10-year-old sons, even my 2-year-old daughter, about what it means to grow up being an African-American in America. Because no matter how great you become in life, no matter how wealthy you become, how people worship you, or what you do, if you are an African-American man or African-American woman, you will always be that.”

LeBron continues to prove that he is the gold standard in sports and the GQ interview, which you can read here, further cements this fact.

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