LeBron James Scored 11 Points And Nobody Really Cares 

According to ESPN and then everyone else in the sports media world, LeBron James has been playing the best basketball of his career during these playoffs.

Last night he played one of the worst games of his career, scoring just 11 points, his lowest playoff total in 58 games, allowing the Celtics to come back from a 21-point deficit and reverting to the passive, hesitant performer that we used to see in certain playoff stretches over the years.

“I didn’t have it tonight,” James said in the postgame press conference. “If it’s going to happen let it happen now.  

Maybe he was just taking the night off and resting. James performance was almost as mindboggling as James Hardens infamous Game 6 disappearance when he scored 10 points.

James didnt offer many excuses as to why he didnt have it, but the natural law of averages say he was due for a stinker.

It is just one game in a seven-game Eastern Conference Finals and unlike Harden, everyone is giving LeBron a pass for the game because has carried his teams for years and everyone expects him to come back with a dominant Game 4. The conspiracy theorists say the NBA is fixed. I say LeBron James is human and its not like we havent seen him lay an egg in a playoff game before.   

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