LeBron James To Houston Would Spark The Super Team Wars

This is the first of what will be more than a million predictions, rumors and unsubstantiated reports that will surface and persist throughout the NBA playoffs and deep into the summer concerning LeBron James 2019 free agent destination. 

According to sources, LeBron has shortened his free agency shopping list down to four teams:  the Lakers, Rockets, 76ers and his home town Cavs. 

Sports Illustrated on Twitter

LeBron James reportedly only has four teams on his free agency list at the moment: Cavs, Lakers, Rockets, Sixers https://t.co/hQdpaNJtvg

For LeBron to stay in Cleveland the Cavs would have to produce an NBA Championship. He returned home to bring Cleveland a title and he did the damn thing. He owes franchise owner Dan Gilbert nothing. 

The relationship between LeBron and Gilbert has deteriorated and even though LeBron calls the shots, for the most part, I cant believe he wants to work for Gilbert another minute. 

The Lakers are a trendy choice. Fringe hoops fans are enthralled with the Lakers and Lonzo Ball, with Magic Johnson calling the shots. Adding LeBron to a young, talented team in a media paradise would be great for the NBA, but Im not too sure that’s what hes looking for at this point in his career. ESPNs Ramona Shelburne’s sources say its a long shot.

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Lonzo Ball went on Lip Sync battle and well… https://t.co/amB8w6Va6t

LeBron to the Rockets would be like Durant going to Golden State — a stacking of the deck that would change the face of the league and heavily tilt the scales in Houstons favor, ending Golden State’s dominance. 

Can you imagine a Western Conference Finals matchup where Bron, The Beard and CP3 go head up with Curry, Klay, Dray and KD? Thats some stir fry stupid stuff. Must watch NBA TV. It would put all of the other squads into tank mode and kill the competitive spirit of the league, but the NBA would probably have unprecedented playoff ratings. 

The age of The Super Team would officially be underway If Bron did jet to Houston. 

Philadelphia is also an intriguing choice. Pairing Bron with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid with a few more free agent gems would set Northeast basketball on fire again. Settling in Philly seems unlikely for LeBron as he strategically attempts to snatch a couple more chips before riding into the sunset and becoming fodder for “Greatest of All-time” discussions.   

The next two summers will be crucial to his legacy and he has to make the right moves. James, Paul George, possibly Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis and Klay Thompson, between the summer of 2018 and summer of 2019, will be free agents and the entire power structure of the NBA could shift. 

All of these teams are thrilled to at least be involved in the early rumor races. There’s already been banner wars and local fans funding campaigns, begging LeBron to come save their franchise. 

935 KDAY on Twitter

Lakers Fans Are Using Billboards to Recruit LeBron James! James has the opportunity to become a free agent this off-season. He’s also been linked to the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers. #KDAYMorningShow

This reported wish list is sure to change over and over and over again before Bron actually announces his destination. 

NBC Sports Philadelphia on Twitter

According to reports, LeBron James has only four teams on his free agency list…

Brace yourself for a wild free agent chess match this summer. When the smoke clears, LeBron will align himself with a squad that is not just competing, but among the favorites to win an NBA championship. 

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