LeBron James Gifts Anthony Davis With No. 23

It’s official.

Over the weekend LeBron James officially gave the number 23 jersey to new Los Angeles Lakers teammate Anthony Davis.

On Instagram, James posted a photo of the two together—with Davis holding up his new no.23 Lakers jersey.


The welcome photo comes a day after the trade became official. As fans remember, the trade was first announced on June 15 but the Lakers and the Pelicans had to include other teams to make the trade possible.

During the wait, many wondered what jersey number Davis would wear considering he’s been rocking 23 since his high school days.  However, for the majority of his career and while with the Lakers, James, too, had been rocking the same jersey number.

That all came to an end. Via Twitter, the four-time league MVP hinted that he would give up the no.23 and go back to no.6—the number he wore during his stint with the Miami Heat and with Team USA.


Not a bad idea considering James won his first two rings and created an empire with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh when he sporting no. 6.

Another player changing their number for the first time in their career is Kevin Durant. Since the beginning of his career, Durant has worn No. 35.

But according to a post on Durant’s Instagram account for this business, Thirty-Five Ventures, the next time is seen in a Nets jersey, he will be wearing No.7.




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