LeBron James And The Hot Boys Make Hip Hop History

A bit of Hip-Hop history went down on Sunday night in New Orleans, and it was orchestrated by the only guy in the building who could make it happen. LeBron James is the great orchestrator. He is credited with making the formation of NBA Super Teams a legit, respectable and results-producing business.

James re-united another Super Team during All-Star Weekend. The Hot Boys hooked up last night in their hometown New Orleans at the BeatsXNOLA jam hosted by LeBron James for All-Star weekend.

Long-estranged group members Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, and Turk took the stage together for the first time since Waynes 2015 Lil Weezyana Festival. The only two original heads missing were Baby and B.G.

Before falling out and taking different paths in the entertainment world with varying levels of success, the legendary group collectively helped elevate the Hip-Hop scenes in New Orleans and Miami and contemporized, commercialized and ghetto-funkdafied the bass-heavy sound that was a signature of Southern rap music.  

I dont know if these people fully appreciate whats going on tonight, James said. We got the mutha****** Hot Boys in this mutha*****8 right now. I got to make surebecause this is my partyI got to make sure people fully understand whats going on tonight. He later added, I grew up on these boys right here.

They played Go DJ, Still Fly, and more. Wayne got it lit when he brought out 2 Chainz for Rich as F*** and No Problem.

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