LeBron James And Kevin Durant Get Real About Black Fatherhood And Race

Fatherhood in the Black community is a very sensitive and complex subject. There are absent fathers and fathers who are real fathers, and many times the latter doesn’t receive as much attention as the former and that’s a major problem unto itself.

Black fathers, especially in these dark days of Trump, have so much to deal with and many times their roles and responsibilities aren’t discussed or addressed properly. In a recent episode of “Uninterrupted,” LeBron James opens up to Kevin Durant about Black fatherhood and doesn’t hold back when it comes to what drives him to be a great father. 

Thomas Duffy on Twitter

LeBron telling KD how he became a good father…REAL. (via @uninterrupted) https://t.co/Bdf2jV2TMb

The All Stars also discuss Trump, racism and other social issues. You can watch the full interview below:

Kevin Durant x LeBron James x Cari Champion | ROLLING WITH THE CHAMPION

LeBron James and Kevin Durant join Cari Champion for the Uber ride of a lifetime in Akron, Ohio to discuss NBA All-Star Weekend 2018 goals, the pressures of being a top athlete, social injustice and the current climate in politics.

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