LAPD Gives $4.2 Million To Two Women They Shot Instead Of Christopher Dorner

Christopher Dorner had a stranglehold on the national media and LAPD during his vengeful retaliation against the police force for perceived wrongdoings against him, similar to allegations that have long-haunted the police department. Painted as a department with issues of racism, corruption and, at best, incompetence, the LAPD didn't distance themselves from this image when they unloaded over 100 bullets into a blue Toyota with two older hispanic women inside, confusing them for Dorner, a large, black male in a charcoal Nissan.

Both women were injured in the assault, with 71-year-old Emma Hernandez getting shot twice in the back.

The women will now receive $4.2 million in addition to the $40,000 they already received to replace their car. The cops also fired at a black truck, also not Chris Dorner or the right color, and finished up an undisclosed settlement this week.

The $1 million reward for information on Dorner has still not been paid, however, despite two claims to the prize. Since Dorner died, some donors putting up the money claim they are now off scot-free since he wasn't captured.

To recap: the police fired over 100 rounds at three innocent people, paid a gargantuan amount of money as an apology, killed Dorner thanks to information provided with the assumption it would lead to a cash reward, killed him, still haven't paid that reward, and summed the $4.2 million payment to the owners of the blue truck as a “ win-win.

You know, except for the back pain.

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