Lane Kiffin’s Head Almost Explodes On TikTok When He Finds Out How Much His Daughter Landry Spent At Zara On A Trip To Mall

Ole Miss football head coach Lane Kiffin recently appeared on a TikTok video and looked as if he was going to have a heart attack, thanks to what he considered extravagant purchases by his daughter Landry during a recent trip to the mall. 

The well-respected 47-year-old coach — who has also been the subject of ridicule and memes despite keeping high-profile employment —  has three children: daughters Landry and Pressley, and his youngest, son Knox. 

Kiffin took his teenage daughters to the mall and gave them the credit card, obviously expecting these teens to be somewhat frugal. Instead, they spent more than Kiffin expected, balling out at ZARA. When Landry drops the bomb on him about how much was spent, Kiffin checks his pulse and says, “I don’t even know what to do.”

“How much did you spend,” Kiffin asks, while bracing for the answer.

Landry says “$721” and her dad, a former NFL head coach, apparently on a vacation in Florida, California or some expensive place where the weather is gorgeous, the dining is elite and the shopping is plentiful, can’t fathom that his daughter would spend that much. 



But this is where the TikTok takes a strange turn. 

Kiffin made $7.25 million in 2022, as the head coach of the Rebels so it’s not like Landry’s purchase was pushing the family into poverty. But it seems that the audacity of her privileged spending habits was reminiscent of Tom Brady saying a few weeks back that he couldn’t raise his kids right because he’s too rich.  

Head coaches are constantly on the road, so quality time with their kids is important and spoiling them just goes with the territory. Often, it’s just overcompensating for being absent often. That’s why it’s a bit strange that Landry dropping $721 dollars (not even a full rack) on the latest-trending clothing and accessories for teens is such a big shock to Lane. 

This football season is coming quickly and Kiffin will be deeply immersed in SEC football competition. Kiffin is on the road back to respectability. He was a young hotshot head coach for the iconic Oakland Raiders franchise under the leadership of immortal owner Al Davis.

Hired at age 31, Kiffin was the youngest head coach in modern NFL history. After struggling to a 5-15 record and never developing a chemistry with the ownership and front office, Davis fired Kiffin, called him a “flat-out liar” and said he was guilty of “bringing disgrace to the organization”.

Two years into his tenure on The Grove, Kiffin has also elevated the program, winning a record 10 games and going to the Sugar Bowl in 2021.

In’s latest SEC head coaches ranking, Kiffin is No. 6 out of 14, but he’s quickly elevating into the top five. So he’s got a lot on his plate.

Also, Landry is 16 and Pressley is 14, so in all likelihood they’ve been spending Daddy’s money for a minute. So, either, Kiffin is way out of touch with his daughter’s spending habits or he was putting on another show for TikTok.


If he was providing comedy relief, the reaction was pretty amusing and Landry’s not quite breaking the bank, but she is getting older, and her tastes are obviously getting more expensive, so she might have to get some employment soon. Let’s not forget that Kiffin is an elite-level head coach, so he runs a tight ship.

His wife Layla Kiffin probably controls the day-to-day expenditures. Sometimes being in that coaching zone is an obsession as the best ones are always striving for perfection. Some kind of edge. They are often oblivious to how their family functions on an everyday basis. Kiffin got a wakeup call. His money is rather long, and his kids are enjoying the fruits of his labor. As they should. 

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