Lakers Coach Says Pump Your Breaks On LeBron Playing Point Guard

Rumors started surfacing a few days ago that LeBron James would officially take over point guard duties for the Lakers this season.

Not sure exactly what that means because LeBron is always handling the ball.

But calling him the point guard implies that he alone would be the primary ball handler all season long.

Anyway, just as fast as the rumor hit social media, new Lakers head coach Frank Vogel basically deaded the notion during a Summer League interview. 

“There’s no decisions made on our starting lineup…no eminent plan to start LeBron at the point guard spot,” Vogel said. “A lot of different lineups and combinations have been discussed but it’s way too early for any of that. He’ll be a primary ball handler in our system the same way he’s been his entire career, but we’re certainly not going to ask him to do something that he hasn’t done his entire career (and play PG).”

LeBron has been a point guard of sorts for a large portion of his career. Since leaving Dwyane Wade and Miami, he’s been a very capable primary ball handler, especially in key games and clutch situations.

It’s probably the phrasing that Vogel objects too. He doesn’t want to create any bad vibes with his new additions, Anthony Davis and Boogie Cousins by anointing LeBron “the point guard.” He also doesn’t want to put pressure on his aging 34-year-old superstar by giving him a bigger workload.

Remember, Davis and Boogie Cousins and Danny Green were brought in to lessen the load on LeBron. I’m not too sure that carrying the burden of point guard helps maximize his effectiveness.  

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