Laker Fans: Poppin’ Trunks, Pulling Out Pepper Spray

The Lakers 1-4 start has got some people hot. No, we’re not talking about players, coaches or management. We’re talking fans. One clown in particular.

According to reports, a pair of opposing fans were getting at each other inside EnergySolutions Arena, at Wednesday night’s Lakers-Jazz showdown. As the smack talking escalated, the Laker fans thought they were hard-body and tried to square up. At that point, security tossed them out. But, their night wasn’t over. They waited outside, strapped with pepper spray, and when they crossed paths with those same Jazz fans, they opened fire (so to speak).

Hold up a second. These guys went from ready to throw down to whipping out some pepper spray? Pathetic. Not that any of this nonsense should be going on in the first place, but this guy’s unmanliness has now deserved him a whooping. Let's get this straight: first off, you’re a grown man who got thrown out of an NBA game for acting like a high school bully. Then, you’re sneaking around the outside of the arena, hunting people down with a can a pepper spray? Who are you, the LAPD or the Prom King? Do you toilet paper trees on mischief night, too?

Some people need to get a grip. This dude needs to majorly reevaluate his life. ASAP.  

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