Lady Liberty Depicted As Black Woman For the First Time on New Gold Coin

The U.

The U.S. Mint is just released a commemorative coin depicting Lady Liberty as African American to celebrate its 225th anniversary. The 24-carat coin shows Lady Liberty with a crown of stars. A soaring eagle and the inscriptions “United States of America” and “E Pluribus Unum”.

This comes less than a year after the decision was made to place freedom fighter Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. The Statue of Liberty is also known as “Lady Liberty” and, coincidence or not, there has been a long academic debate about whether the original version of the statue that was donated by France was actually a black woman wearing chains.

And a recent Smithsonian report says the model for the statue may have even been a Egyptian peasant. But, regardless of any argument or theory, the Lady Liberty that was recently printed on this new coin represents a recent trend of monuments, museums and currency design dedicated to immortalizing black imagery.

To that, I say ‘Well, it’s about damn time.’

Ricardo A Hazell has served as Senior Contributor with The Shadow League since coming to the company in 2013. His byline has appeared in the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the South China Sea Post, the Root and many other publications. At TSL he is charged with exploring re black cultural angles of where they intersect with the mainstream.