Kyrie Irving Speaks On Why He Left Cleveland

Fans of the NBA, most media pundits, celebrity groupies and willing idol worshippers share in a universal belief that LeBron James is perfect. They treat him with a reverence and gets the majority credit for his teams success. 

Well Kyrie Irving is not a fan. Hes a peer and hes finally speaking about why he left Cleveland. Kyrie finally broke the public silence he has held since demanding the trade from Cleveland and ending up as Isiah Thomas’ replacement in Boston. 

First Take on Twitter

He’s officially in the building ladies and gentlemen. You do not want to miss Kyrie Irving joining the desk next.

To play with a guy of LeBrons magnitude, you have to be willing to accept second fiddle, almost subhuman treatment at times and defer to the King. 

Irving was just built a bit different. His ego is obviously as big as LeBrons stature and after dealing with James for the past three seasons, Irving has had his fill. He is ready to embrace another challenge away from his former teammate’s looming shadow. 

On First Take earlier today, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman had a hard time understanding why Kyrie would leave a championship caliber team and most importantly, the chance to play with LeBron James for a “maybe” situation in Boston. 

First Take on Twitter

@KyrieIrving on why he didn’t inform LeBron James that he wanted out of Cleveland.

Smith asked Kyrie if he spoke to LeBron James and gave him a heads up that he wanted out. Kyrie responded with a simple, “No.” 

Max Kellerman asked Kyrie if hes reached the point in your career and life where playing with LeBron James would hold you back from fulfilling your potential as a player? He also offered the widely-believed possibility that Kyrie simply has a problem with LeBron.

Irving says he doesnt understand why Kellerman and others are trying to dig so deep into his decision and hes tired of media and fans prodding him to say something negative about Bron, when he insists that he didnt leave because of a problem he had with LeBron. Some relationships just come to an end eventually.   

I get it… you ask the questions but you keep forgetting that basketball is a team sport. There is no personal issue…I made the decision as a man over there…just respect it and leave it alone.”

In other words, its not all about Bron all the time in Kyrie’s world. Kyrie let it be known that he could care less if LeBron take’s his departure personally. 

Stephen A. then asked Kyrie if he could win without LeBron, which had to be somewhat offensive to him. 

First Take on Twitter

Can you win a championship without LeBron? @KyrieIrving:

Smith still couldn’t compromise the fact that Kyrie left Cleveland, a championship caliber team, to go to a depleted roster in Boston. Avery Bradley, Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder are gone, …so people look at it and say you’re going to a somewhat worse situation,” Smith said. 

Irving kept his composure but spoke firmly and he seems very comfortable with his decision. Whether it is the right decision for his NBA career will be determined in the future as Boston is a rising franchise who actually defeated Cleveland for the regular season Eastern Conference title last season. 

To continue to try and trap him into bad mouthing Lebron or giving Cleveland any extra ammunition is a lost cause. Kyrie is too articulate and media savvy to fall into that. People just have to accept the change and move on.

 They should be excited for the future, because Kyrie Irving certainly is. 

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