Kyrie Irving Set To Star In Horror Film About Haunted Oklahoma City Hotel

Kyrie’s IMDB profile is growing.

According to Variety, Celtics star, Kyrie Irving will star in and executive produce a horror movie about the haunted Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City.

Irving will work on the film in conjunction with Imagine Entertainment. The company preemptively optioned an upcoming Players’ Tribune article that will serve as an oral history of NBA players who have stayed at the hotel, which has a reputation for being haunted.

Irving told Variety, “having had my own interesting experiences at the Skirvin Hotel, I connected with this idea immediately.”

The hotel’s alleged hauntings starting occurring in the 1930s. It’s so bad that some players refuse to stay there.

The film will be a blend of scares, satire, wit and social commentary inspired by the folklore of Skirvin Hotel.

Yet, this isn’t the 26-year-old first time on the big screen. Kyrie showed off his acting skill last year in the film Uncle Drew. The film featured various basketball legends including Shaquille O’Neal, Lisa Leslie, and Reggie Miller. It will be interesting to see how he does in a horror film.


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