Kyrie Irving Launches Firm To Help Underrepresented Businesses

Say what you want about the eccentric and mercurial nature of Kyrie Irving, but he’s about the business of positively contributing to the community and he doesn’t entertain critics or haters. Especially the ones who shout the loudest and do the least.

Irving and KAI Family Enterprise announced the organization of KAI 11 Consulting, LLC (KAI 11 Consulting), a business firm consulting firm created to help underrepresented entrepreneurs across a multitude of industries.


KAI 11 Consulting provides programs and mentoring that give business owners personnel access to seasoned development coaches, area managers, and growth groups  offering roadmaps to scaling cultivating efficiencies.

In addition, KAI 11 Consulting is partnering with Michael Loeb, Bonin Bough, and Marcus Glover who are the the Co-Founders of Lockstep Ventures, to provide resources that lessen the financial divide in various communities.

KAI 11 Consulting is not a traditional consulting firm. By focusing on community and impact, its goal is to disrupt the financial norms, build sustainable businesses, and support those seeking resources to advance.

It is known that traditional business growth and has disproportionately excluded minorities, tremendously limiting access and creating mistrust by design, as a part of systemic racism that’s faced daily in the United States.

By prioritizing exclusiveness l, KAI 11 Consulting’s business model seeks to provide a more equitable process that eliminates systemic barriers to entry.


We must give our people the proper resources and stewardship for them to win beyond the traditional investment vehicles,” said Founder, Kyrie Irving. “This is not only essential to closing the wealth gap, but it also fosters a more unified, empowered, and liberated society.”


In its first collaboration with Lockstep Ventures, KAI 11 Consulting linked with Fleeting, an Atlanta-based Black-owned commercial fleet management and services company.

This partnership provides additional resources that will aid in growing Fleeting’s social impact arm dedicated to hiring and training marginalized communities including women and formerly incarcerated individuals.

Led by Marcus Glover, Lockstep Ventures officially launched in 2021 with a similar mission as KAI 11 Consulting.

That’s to work, inspire, and empower systemic change by targeting companies that address racial disparities in health, wealth, education, and justice/anti-recidivism.



“At Lockstep we are committed and passionate about finding solutions to reimagine equity for Black and women-led companies. This collaboration with Kyrie and the KAI 11 team allows us to not only help Fleeting further scale it’s business but also help countless others who are often overlooked and undervalued to achieve their goals of entrepreneurship and financial independence,” said Marcus Glover, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Lockstep Ventures.

The launch of KAI 11 Consulting is just the first step in a comprehensive plan for the KAI 11 family of companies to work with minority, woman-owned, and underrepresented businesses on a variety of initiatives.



News releases about additional initiatives are scheduled to be announced later this year.

Y’all can talk about “Uncle Drew” all you want but he’s making a difference in the Black community in a positive way.

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