Kyle Kuzma’s Offended: Don’t Underestimate The Lake Show

Kyle Kuzma believes that the Lakers as currently constructed can do damage in the NBA.

Most basketball heads outside of LA arent giving the Lakers much of a chance to win a championship with LeBron James and the team as currently constituted. Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma is offended and says the critics are ‘underestimating the Lakers’ capabilities this season.

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I don’t know why people kind of just rule us out because we are young.”

Some basketball minds such as ESPN’s Kevin Pelton think the Lakers won’t even make the playoffs in the loaded Western Conference.

“We are both definitely excited about the roster and the pieces that we have,” Kuzma said after working out with James, per ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk. “And we think that a lot of people are underestimating us. It is definitely going to be fun playing with all these new guys.”

Kuzma shouldnt be offended. The media and fans traditionally and historically downplay the talent LeBron surrounds himself with so that they can big him up in the end. That way, all the Lakers really have to do is make the playoffs for the season to be considered a success. When Bron falls in the playoffs, they’ll say he didn’t have enough to work with. If he makes a deep run, it will enhance his GOAT campaign.

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No playoffs coming for LeBron James and #Lakers, insider says. #NBA

It’s part of the tricknology that comes with playing with LeBron. As a player, your skills automatically become devalued by fans and media to keep with the narrative that Bron doesn’t have anybody. We have been hearing and seeing it for years. By the time he left Cleveland, everybody on the team were considered bums and the narrative was that Bron was so great that he was carrying trash to the Finals.

Kuzma is getting in front of the inevitable narrative that announcers, fans and members of the Bronhive will be promoting.

A lot of people say we got a lot of different people, a lot of new people,” Kuzma continued. “But change can be a good thing. It is not necessarily always a bad thing. There’s a lot of teams in the NBA that need to work on their chemistry; we are just one of them.”

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Draymond Green says #Warriors are not worried about LeBron James, #Lakers.

Kuzma and his new teammates are already behind the public eight ball because the basketball world expected the Lakers to heavily pursue some of the other top free agents or acquire them in trades, giving LeBron a Super Team to work with. Lakers fans were let down when Magic didn’t bring in another Top 10 player.

Chemistry will have to be developed, and this Lakers team has plenty of new, intriguing pieces, but Kuzma knows the Lakers have talent and a supporting cast that LeBron James says he’s happy with. Adding JaVale McGee, Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo and Michael Beasley to the mix with Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, and Kuzma creates a ton of possibilities and versatility for LeBron to work with. Regardless of what the peanut gallery thinks.


Lakers sign LeBron” “Lakers sign JaVale McGee” “Lakers sign Lance Stephenson” “Lakers sign Rajon Rondo” Warriors:

I tend to agree with Kuzma, who averaged 16.1 and 6.3 points per game as a rookie. Nobody knows how good the Lakers will be, but lack of talent is not something that plagues this team, especially if their young core keeps getting better and hungrier.

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Kyle Kuzma almost destroyed Joel Embiid’s life with this dunk attempt.

Kuzma appears to be a rising star. Lonzo Ball has put his whirlwind rookie season behind him and should improve. Josh Hart is a very strong player and has a winning pedigree. Brandon Ingram should take that next step. Those trying to label the Lakers as a trash team, insinuating that winning isn’t the first priority for King James anymore, are devaluing rising stars like Kuzma who believe in their talents and plan on being big-time contributors to the LA-Bron show.

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