Kobe On Ben Simmon’s Shooting Motion: Rebuild That Thing Anew

There’s a centuries-old myth out in sports that supposes left-handed individuals have a distinct advantage, and basketball is one of those sports. Indeed, while there is a long line of distinguished NBA players with a proficient lefty release, Philadelphia 76ers rookie Ben Simmons isn’t one of those players.  His team is currently down 3-0 against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, and his inability to hit a shot outside of the paint appears to be a clear reason why.

NBA legend Kobe Bryant has been dissecting the NBA playoffs via film room on his new show “Detail” this postseason. Here’s what he had to say about how the Philly point guard can do to repair his below average shot while appearing on the Chris and Caron show on Fox Sports.

“Just aesthetically I would say build that thing anew (laughs). I don’t think the game came down to that though.”

Perhaps, Bryant, the Philly native turned Los Angeles Lakers immortal, was being kind to the hometown rook by saying his lack of a shot was NOT a predictor of defeat, but the numbers suggest otherwise.

Simmons was 0-of-4 shooting from the field in Game 2. However, he was better in Game 3 with 16 points on 8-of-14 shooting from the field. The rookie usually shoots at 54 percent from the field against the Celtics during the playoffs. However, when teams gameplan to stop him from getting to the basket, he has shown little ability to counter.

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