Kobe Changes Mind On Retirement Date

A little over a week ago, Kobe was talking retirement, possibly as soon as his current deal expired in 2014. Today Kobe lovers were blessed with some magic words. He announced that he wants to play until he hits age 40. That’s six more seasons, and four past his current contract. With this Lakers squad, that could mean multiple rings. Jordan and his six better watch out. 

Kobe has the love and passion for the game to play until he were crippled, if he could. Expect anything less from the fiercest competitor of the past decade? Age shouldn’t matter. As long as he can ball, he should. At 34, he’s making fools of those trying to guard him. Heck, if healthy, don’t be surprised if Kobe at 40, is still toying with dudes in their 20s.

The legend isn’t going to just leave; he has to be overthrown. To be the best, you got to beat the best, and even so, the best probably won’t be as nice as Kobe.

He’s a man among boys, and right now he’s just playin’ with the kids.    

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