Knile Davis has Grand Opening, Grand Closing with the NY Jets

Poor Knile Davis. His NFL career has been put through a revolving door over the last 24 hours.

First the Chiefs traded him to the Packers earlier this season. Then the Packers cut him and he signs with the Jets. Three hours later, reports are coming out that the Jets were giving him a grand opening-grand closing by letting him go in order to sign former Bills/Saints/Seahawks running back, CJ Spiller.

As Wu-Tang said, “Life as a shorty shouldn’t be so rough.” According to Kimberly Martin of Newsday, the Jets were on the verge of signing of Spiller and reuniting him with Chan Gailey, his former head coach when he was with the Bills in 2010, who is also the Jets’ offensive coordinator.

So while things might be looking good for the Jets and Spiller, poor Knile Davis is back on the unemployment line.

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