Kings To Seattle? Not So Fast

When the Maloof brothers sold the Sacramento Kings to a group in Seattle, the assumption has been that the Kings were likely moving north. Unless you ask Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

"I'm going to say Steve Nash is on the free throw line," Johnson said of Sacramento's chances of keeping the team in town on The Dan Patrick Show. Nash is hitting over 90 percent on the season.

“I will tell you what, I'm excited. I think Sacramento, we're going to pull it off," Johnson said. "The Maloof family accepted an offer to sell the team to Seattle and the group up in Seattle signed it, but there was always an opportunity for a backup offer to be accepted. We're all over it in Sacramento. We have an ownership group that is putting forward a counter offer that is competitive and very strong. We're building a brand new arena. We just had a council vote last night to build a brand new arena downtown. Then thirdly, we believe very strongly in our market, the viability of strength of the Sacramento market. I think those are going to be the three criteria, and at the end of the day we will find a way to keep our team in Sacramento.”

Johnson also says Sacramento's history of strong attendance and a strong TV market adds to their case for keeping the team. 

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