King James Has Dreams Of Becoming NBAPA President

LeBron James' may be done with Team USA but apparently he's not finished with his NBA takeover. According to FOX Sports, King James is mulling the idea of running for NBAPA President after sitting president Derek Fisher's contract expires this summer. While it may appear to be an ego-stroking move, James' shrewd business savvy is recognized league-wide and he's recognized as one of the leading forces behind the ouster of controversial NBAPA executive director Billy Hunter earlier this year.

James would be the first superstar in his prime to act as union chief since Isiah Thomas served as president in the '80s, but even if he threw his name onto the ballot there's no guarantee he'd defeat current union vice-president, Jerry Stackhouse, who was a leading voice alongside James' in opposition to Hunter and has been acting as the de facto president during the offseason.


James is giving a run "some very heavy thought," one source said.

The biggest consideration for James will be the time commitment being the union president would require. James has limited time to give because of sponsorship and charity commitments in addition to playing. Deep playoff runs with the Miami Heat the past three seasons have also been taxing.

Still, James has been investigating the issue with advisers and fellow players this summer.

"It's a very important position for where things are going," a source close to James said.