Kevin McHale’s Wife Went Full MAGA With Dumb Tweet On Child Migrants

On Wednesday, it appeared that Boston Celtics favorite Kevin McHale was spotted getting his MAGA on at a Trump rally in Minnesota. Considering the demographics of the NBA, how Trump has gone after players in the league including Steph Curry and his blatant racist views, a move like that had people looking at McHale sideways.

But not to be outdone, McHale’s wife, Lynn decided to have a garbage take about the migrant baby and children ruthlessly stripped from their families.

Lynn McHale on Twitter

@AP Wondering if separating “tender age” children from their parents for 8-10 hours per day in daycare for 5 years has any lasting affects? Those kids cry, too.

Comparing babies and toddlers being stripped from their parents in a country they don’t know for days, weeks and potentially months on end is beyond insensitive and idiotic. People went in her mentions to let her know how stupid the tweet was.

Carlo on Twitter

@lynnmchale @AP Are you really comparing toddlers that parents voluntarily leave at the daycare to imprisoned ones violently forced away from the arms of their parents?

Anne Doepner on Twitter

@lynnmchale @AP Yes, entrusting your kids to an enriching childcare provider who will offer them opportunities for independence while their parents work hard to provide them a safe home environment is EXACTLY the same as ripping them away from their parents for maybe forever #DeleteYourAccount

Well, it’s clear to see where the McHales stand on this.

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