“He Had A Plan” | Former Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale Says James Harden Showed Up Out Of Shape To Get Him Fired

The James Harden saga has reached new levels this week, with the former NBA MVP vowing to never play for a team that Sixers president of baskeball operations Daryl Morey is associated with.

While on tour in China earlier this week, Harden called Morey a “liar” after he wasn’t signed to a long-term deal that he said he was promised after taking a pay cut last year. Harden then attempted to force his way to the Los Angeles Clippers, but after weeks of talks that eventually went stagnant. He wasn’t dealt, and the Clippers are no longer interested. 

This has become Harden’s MO around the league, when he’s tired of playing somewhere he’s been able to force his way to the team he desires. He did so in leaving Houston for Brooklyn, and then leaving BK for Philly. Former Rockets head coach and Basketball Hall of Famer Kevin McHale says Harden even showed up out of shape in an effort to get McHale fired. 

McHale Says Garden’s Efforts Worked

Harden joined the Rockets in 2012, leading them to a 155-91 record and an appearance in the Western Conference Finals over his first three seasons with the team. As his fourth year came around Harden was disgruntled with the aforementioned McHale and seemingly did his best to get him fired. 

McHale says Harden blatantly came to camp overweight and out of shape, and it costs him his job 11 games into the season. In an interview with Heavy Sports McHale said this:

“The next year, he came to camp, he was fat and didn’t feel like playing, and I got fired (11) games into the season. He had a plan.”

Based on McHale’s comments, he doesn’t sound too surprised by Harden’s actions because he’s been on the receiving end of them. 

McHale Says He Feels For Joel Embiid

During McHale’s interview he mentioned that he felt bad for reigning MVP Joel Embiid, who needs Harden’s help if the Sixers have any shot in the East. He also says he feels bad for new head coach Nick Nurse, who’s already won an NBA title as the head coach of the Toronto Raptors but has inherited some early chaos in Philly.

Nurse is walking into a firestorm of drama with the team’s second-most important player, and that’s never good for team chemistry. Harden is in many ways perceived as a cancer who overvalues himself\. The former superstar who can’t accept his diminished value, and now he is paying for it. 

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