Kevin Durant Tweets Cleveland “Can’t Trade A Legend”

Kevin Durant was letting his Twitter-finger fly on Wednesday afternoon and the topic at hand was LeBron James and the reports that hes 100 percent leaving Cleveland at the end of the season.   

Durant says the Cavs would be nuts to let a legend of the game just walk out the door. 

Kevin Durant on Twitter

@lildickytweets u can’t trade a legend. He is Cleveland, he gets to hold the cards

Durant feels like Cleveland should come to whatever agreement LeBron wants. King James is already the most powerful person in the Cavs organization. Does he want to make personnel decisions as well? Does he want ownership in the franchise? 

Well, according to Durants take on the matter, all of that would be a go to keep a player of LeBrons caliber.  Durant also added, however, that Cleveland would be in good shape for the future even if King James flew the coupe again. 

Kevin Durant on Twitter

@lildickytweets I feel what you’re saying. Most owners think that way, but then you realize it’s lebron james.

At a certain point, even a player as great as LeBron can become a headache to a franchise. Problem is, being almost guaranteed to go to the Finals each year is the aspirin that soothes any head pains. 

LeBron was older-man-ornery most of the season. He constantly complained about Clevelands lack of talent and need for more playmakers. It seems like he spent more time worrying about personnel than the players on the court. Kyrie Irving certainly felt overlooked, but like Durant implied, none of that matters. 

Simply bow down to the King or lose your chance for a ring.  

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