Kenny Smith May Jet From Inside The NBA Set To Take Sacramento Kings GM Job

"If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it," is a worthy axiom to live by. Apparently, the cast of TNT’s Inside The NBA doesn’t believe in that philosophy.

Charles Barkley has campaigned for the Phoenix Suns general manager’s job and for a short period, he had an eye on the Alabama’s governor’s chair. Shaquille O’Neal may one day go to an NBA front office in an executive capacity, but Kenny Smith hasn’t shown any interest in taking a front office job — until now.

According to, Smith, who was drafted with a first round pick by the Kings in 1987 and was a vocal proponent of keeping the franchise in Sacramento, is considered a candidate for the Sacramento Kings’ vacant general manager’s job.

I wouldn't count on him getting the job over Larry Bird, Mike Dunleavy, Chris Mullin and a litany of other names connected to the opening. On the other hand, Mark Jackson was hired as the Warriors head coach after years as a color commentator. However, Smith is showing plenty of interest while publicly campaigning for the job.

Via USA Today:

"I've been winning my whole life," Smith said. "I've been blessed to be a winner. So whatever happens, whatever I do, I'm going to win an Emmy next year or I'm going to try to win an NBA championship or I'm going to try to win in cards. I'm a winner. I'm a winner. I've been blessed in my whole life, so I think I have a clear vision."

Asked if he has been on the lookout for front office opportunities, Smith said, "Honestly, I've been looking at both — coaching, and a lot of things have been coming these last couple of years, and this time I've been taking it serious. My kids are at an age where I feel comfortable. And the other years, the kids were just too young. I didn't want to be in it. But I just started taking it serious."

Either way, he shouldn’t even consider it. Smith doesn’t get as much love as Barkley and Shaq, but he’s got a uniquely great situation at TNT. Sacramento’s franchise smells like death. There's a difference between getting too familiar with superstars in an informal postgame setting and watching DeMarcus Cousins throw chairs around during contract extension discussions.

He needs to ride this wave of success out with TNT. Goin’ fishin’ isn’t as fun on the other end of the fishing pole and the job security for general managers is worse than mob snitches. Meanwhile, if he leaves, there's no guarantee that a more high-profile, charismatic basketball analyst won't fill that role. C’mon, Kenny, don’t jet.

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