Keith Smart returns to Miami Heat after cancer treatments

Some great news out of the NBA today, as Miami Heat assistant coach, Keith Smart, is returning to the team after a long period of cancer treatments.

This will be Smart’s first home game with the team since January 19th after receiving 30 rounds of chemotherapy to treat a rare form of skin cancer called Dermatofibrosacroma Protuberans. 

I got here Thursday night, Smart said Saturday after practice, his second since rejoining the team and completing 30 rounds of chemotherapy back home in California.

I cant do all of what I was doing before, but I can still give the mental aspect of what I know were going to see, what I know is going to be expected from them, what I know Coach [Erik Spoelstra] wants them to do. I was in [Fridays] practice, just standing up on my feet. It felt like training camp. It was a tough day for me, first time around it. But [Saturday], getting back into it, getting into the meetings and game preparation stuff, was all brand new. Its like Im a new coach again.

Smart lost 27 pounds over the last few months during the treatment, and everyone with the Heat is glad to have him back.

Hes here for good right now, Spoelstra said And hes going to be involved. Whether or not hes on the bench, hes going to be involved in every meeting.

His radiation treatments are done and his next checkup will be in four months. For the full story, read here

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