Katt Williams Accused Of Assault with Deadly Weapon

Comedian and actor Katt Williams is in trouble with the law again, this time accused of assaulting a man with his Rolls Royce near LAX early Wednesday morning.

Glen Jackson claims that as he approached Williams to snap a cell phone picture, Williams and his bodyguard got out of the car, tried grabbing his phone, and pepper sprayed him. Jackson also claimed that after being pepper sprayed, Williams hit him in the leg with his Rolls Royce, then pepper sprayed him again before driving off.

This is reported to be Williams' fourth violent encounter within the last two weeks, and Inglewood Police are investigating the cause of this latest incident.

It's perfect timing for Katt to make headlines. Next month, HBO will premiere his Spike Lee directed standup comedy special Priceless on August 16th, at 10pm.


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