Kansas City Guard Placed On Leave After Asking For A Trayvon Martini

A Kansas City security guard and a former police officer were placed on administrative leave for allegedly going into a bar and asking for a “Trayvon Martini” from a black bartender.

Social media caught wind of this news when Buzzard Beach bartender, Alobar Bandaloop, posted a detailed description of the incident with guard Michael Dargy Jr. on his Facebook page Monday night.

“As a bartender, Im asked to make 1001 different drinks and never once has any drink like this crossed till last week…Im still stuck in shock that this grown man would say this.”

Alobar Bandaloop

As a bartender, I’m asked to make 1001 different drinks and never once has any drink like this crossed till last week. A piece of shit named Mike Dargy wandered his racist ass into my bar and ordered…

Bandaloop said that once Dargy saw his shock after making the order, he began to describe the ingredients in his ridiculous request. 

“Then when he noticed the shock on my face, he decided to tell me the recipe. One shot of vodka, watermelon juice, and it only takes one shot because it only takes one shot to put him down! “

The bartender immediately refused to serve Dargy.

Upon learning of the incident, the Westport Regional Business League released a statement saying: 

The allegation is currently under investigation by the security company, which has already put its employee in question on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. If true, it is reprehensible, and we will have zero tolerance for that type of behavior in this welcoming district.

The nerve of people I swear, but unfortunately thanks to the politically charged climate we live in, this is the climate that we currently live in.

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