“Go Back To The Projects” | Sore Loser Alabama Fans Shout Racial Slurs At Texas Football Players

Bryant-Denny Stadium was the site of a racist showing from Alabama home fans against the visiting Texas Longhorns on Saturday during a highly anticipated college football matchup that saw two of the nation’s best teams clash.

According to AL.com, a video of Alabama fans yelling and shouting racist, anti-gay, and just generally offensive remarks at Texas fans and players was posted.


There were comments from fans in the stands, shouting things such as “go back to the projects,” which is one of the more prominent comments made among plenty of other offensive comments.

But while the players had to hear the offensive taunts coming from the Crimson Tide faithful, some of the friends and family of the Texas players also had to withstand a lot of the offensive comments that were being thrown out.

Alabama Fans Crossed The Line

Plenty of parents poured out their frustrations via X, formerly known as Twitter.

According to Bleacher Report, Angie Wisner, mother of Texas running back Tre Wisner, tweeted, “The fact my son down there and they saying go back to the projects really just saddens my heart that as his mother no matter how old he had to listen to that! Love you Son! But the parents went through this all night! Beer cans thrown at us, water bottles, spit! Disgrace.”

Another parent, April Finkley, mother of Texas pass rusher Justice Finkley, who also hails from Alabama, tweeted about her frustrations with the fans at Alabama.

“This win hits different for me. I’m from AL. BHam is my City. I know T-Town like the back of my hand. Our game day experience included being harassed because our son is a ‘traitor,’ and having beer cans thrown at our section the whole game. So I stand on this energy right here.”

This is an unfortunate circumstance for Alabama as a few rotten apples are looking to spoil the name of a historically successful and dominant football program that has produced plenty of players and people who are upstanding people and players.

But according to AL.com, one Texas fan did shout out the great hospitality they received while at Alabama via Reddit, showing that there are good people who want to make the opposing team and fans feel welcome.

“Texas fan here, my wife and I attended our first Visitor game at Bryant-Denny Stadium. She was very nervous that she’d be, as she put it, ‘confronted’ by Bama fans. I just wanted to express gratitude about our entire experience visiting you guys. The home fans were great, they were very welcoming and contributed authentic and genuine conversation with us.” The Reddit user wrote.

There is no indication whether there will be any sanctions or backlash from Alabama itself onto the fans. Alabama is slated to face South Florida on Sept. 16.

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