Kamara’s King Crunch | New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara Launches Signature Cereal

The four-time Pro Bowl New Orleans Saints running back released his own cereal Thursday, called “Kamara’s King Crunch”. The cereal will soon be available at select Rouses Supermarket stores in Louisiana – but you can order the cereal for $29.00 online.

The box itself celebrates New Orleans culture and is decorated in Mardi Gras green, purple, and gold – and features a crowned Alvin Kamara, holding up a spoonful of cereal – similar to a scepter. He is also at the intersection of “Crunch” and “Time” street, with the historic French Quarter depicted in the background.



Kamara produced the cereal in a collaboration with PLB Sports and Entertainment (PLBSE)– a company that makes various food products in partnership with celebrities and other brands.

Some of their clients include Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb and Arizona Cardinals wide-out DeAndre Hopkins.

Most importantly, some proceeds from “Kamara’s King Crunch” go to the Children’s Bureau of New Orleans, an organization that advocates for mental health and wellness for New Orleans youth.

The Children’s Bureau offers free grief and trauma intervention, along with various other mental health services to help prevent stress and depression among New Orleans youth.



Youth advocacy has been a special focus of Kamara’s charity for some time. Kamara has been fined twice for wearing Christmas-themed cleats during a game – and from that, leveraged the attention to raise money for Son of a Saint , an organization that mentors boys who have lost their fathers.

The cereal is produced in partnership with PLB Sports and Entertainment and Klutch Sports Group  – a sports agency lead by Rich Paul and LeBron James, negotiated the deal.

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