Justin Fields Looks Like A Bargain For Chicago Bears | Another Dangerous Dual-Threat QB


In the “Windy City,” the drumbeat is growing louder everyday as it pertains to what the Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy is going to do with his starting QB situation to begin the season.

But with rookie Justin Fields continuing to impress in his limited playing time, it’s becoming more and more obvious that he may be ready to play a lot sooner than Nagy and his staff expected.



Nagy has been adamant that washed up veteran Andy Dalton will be the starter opening day. That’s almost admitting to the world that you expect to be pretty awful.

However, listening to the applause and roar of the fans at Soldier Field over the weekend when Fields started the second half, told us all we needed to know about what the “people of Chicago” want.


After four horror seasons with Mitchell Trubisky, this franchise is looking for a jolt and Fields looks to be just that. There’s no way anyone in Chicago would’ve believed he’d be available for them to trade up and draft, but for some reason he was and conveniently fell into their laps.

He was the most talented quarterback in the draft for my money and I’m still confused on how Trey Lance or Zach Wilson went before him. I’ll give you Trevor Lawrence to Jacksonville as he’s been ballyhooed since high school as a top overall pick. But the other two picks ahead of Fields wreaked of common systemic racism in the NFL.

Despite playing with backup lineman and skill players, Fields has not disappointed. His full range of athleticism and moxie has been on display, showing glimpses of that unique dual-threat skillset that made him a five-star recruit out of HS in Georgia.

When he took the field, he was the most physically gifted specimen in the stadium. His escapability was apparent, he routinely evaded pressure and scampered through the defense for chunk plays.

Even more impressive was his innate ability to keep his eyes downfield, running with the intention to pass, and not to just tuck and run.

When plays broke down, he looked more than capable of doing significant damage with his legs. Considering the Bears offensive line isn’t projected to be very good, Fields brings an element that could help them immensely, and that’s the ability to extend plays.

That in itself makes an average to bad OL look better. Yes some throws have gotten away from him but let’s attribute that to timing and adrenaline.

Matt Nagy hasn’t done him any favors either, as Fields has he’s been playing with some really bad receivers IMO. The only way Nagy will get a feel for what his quarterback is capable of achieving in this offense, is to put Fields out there with the starting offense and some real talent.


It should clearly be a part of the Bears’ plans heading into their final preseason game next weekend. For Nagy, he’s on borrowed time as the head coach in “ChiTown” and he may need Fields to keep his job.

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