June Jones Suggests Non-Power Conferences Should Play Football In Spring

As college football's power conferences inch towards autonomy like a 24-year-old who's lived with their parents for far too long, the non-BCS err…non-Big 5 conferences have begun contemplating their own futures in the new post-BCS climate. 

SMU coach June Jones has one drastic suggestion that could change the look of college football.

H/T Atlanta-Jounal Constitution

“I think the have-nots [non-Power Five leagues] should go ahead and move to the spring just like the USFL did,” Jones told Tampa, Fla., sportstalk station WDAE-AM. “I think that there’s an opportunity to do a complete other side of that division and I think that if we don’t think that way as a group of have-nots, we’re going to get left behind.”

Pardon the pun, but the Mustangs head coach needs to hold his horses. We're a long ways off from a scenario in which the power conferences drift away from the NCAA and leave the rest to fend for themselves. If that does occur, FBS' lower-tier conferences will have to resign themselves to the same fate as Division II, III and the FCS Division. 

It sounds great in theory, but logistically Jones’ plan is flawed. In spring, second-rate college football would come in third to the NBA and college basketball. Their best option may be to just sit pat.

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