“This Franchise Is An Utter Disgrace”| Jourdan Lewis Fires Back For Cowboys Nation, Compares Stephen A. Smith To Feces

For as long as he’s been an ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith has enjoyed himself anytime the Dallas Cowboys fail. They haven’t reached the Super Bowl since 1996, so he’s had a lot to gloat about. His opinions on the team on his show “First Take” have been legendary, and that was no different recently. While doing a crossword puzzle online, it asked to find the word Cowboys, which he spelled as the word “CHOKE.”

With the caption …. “Easiest game I’ve ever played.”

That didn’t sit well with cornerback Jourdan Lewis, who responded with a tweet that said …

“Damn Stephen A a piece of sh#t.”

Lewis wasn’t done as he tweeted again:

“Screenshot me I know exactly what I said.”

Stephen A has always had it out for the Cowboys and their fan base. He’s a devout Steelers and Giants fan who makes his living bashing the Cowboys at will.
Following the team’s upset playoff loss to the 49ers a few weeks ago, Smith let out a huge laugh.

“Didn’t I tell you? Didn’t I tell you? All year long when everybody was raving about those boys in Big D, what did your boy Stephen A. Smith say? They ain’t going to even win a playoff game. And sure enough, right on schedule, right when it really, really counts, they crash like a cheap tent in inclement weather.”

Smith has long called them “An Accident Waiting To Happen.”

Smith Makes Valid Points About Cowboys On “First Take”

Sitting across from Cowboys great and Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin the day after the team’s loss to the Niners, SAS was in rare form. He laid into the entire team from top to bottom. They blamed the refs for their demise. He ridiculed team coaches for passive-aggressively throwing one another under the bus, when it was a lack of discipline, lack of awareness and lack of urgency which caused them to lose.

“Every single layer of the Dallas Cowboys that you can point to, I can sit up and say they all messed up. This franchise is an utter disgrace,” Smith said.

It’s safe to say Stephen A isn’t a fan of the Cowboys, and especially their fans. In fact, he calls them nauseating and annoying.

“They are the most nauseating fan base in American history. I can’t stand them. You walk around bragging about the fact you’re America’s Team. Like it’s something for you to be proud of when you have two playoff victories in 23 years. You got a a lot of damn nerves.”

The story is fluid as we await SAS’s response, if he even bothers.

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