Jon Jones’ Arrest Shows He Isn’t Really Ready For Greatness

Yesterday, Jon “Bones” Jones was arrested in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The arrest underscored the fact that although Jones is one of the greatest mixed martial artist ever, he is extremely flawed.

Jon Jones was arrested on four different counts: aggravated DWI, negligent use of firearms, possession of open container, and no proof of insurance in vehicle.

Albuquerque Police Department, Officer Jason Brown told the media that Jones “had green leafy substance on his shirt and pants, consistent with marijuana”. He also had “an odor of alcohol coming from his facial area.”

However, it got really real when during a search of Jones’ vehicle, he found a handgun underneath the driver’s seat and a matching spent round next to the driver’s side door.

Officers observed that Jones “had bloodshot, watery eyes. Also, Jones did field sobriety tests and performed poorly on all three of them. He also performed poorly on two out of three alternative tests. He was searched and arrested.

In 2015, Jones was stripped of his light heavyweight title and suspended indefinitely from the UFC after he plead guilty to a hit-and-run, for which he was put on probation.

He was reinstated to the UFC later that year.

Last year, he was charged with battery after allegedly assaulting a cocktail waitress in a strip club, slapping her in her genital area and putting her in a chokehold.

He took a plea deal in October.

Jones has been considered the greatest active fighter for many years. Before Israel Adesanya and Conor McGregor, Jones brought acrobatic moves and a visage of an evolved MMA fighter. However, his failed drug tests that yielded jokes about picograms and cocaine metabolites being found in his system overshadow his athleticism.

The cry face that went viral after his numerous apologies for past indiscretions, isn’t good enough anymore. Now Jon Jones is more reminiscent of Adrien Broner. Talent that just can’t keep their head in the game when not on a fighting surface.

Will Jones survive this incident and continue to be a headliner, of course. If McGregor is any indication of the power of a cash cow athlete to overcome breaking the law, Jones will be fine.

However, he is beginning to look like a broken man in need of counseling. Guns, drugs, and alcohol in a car is not championship level thinking.


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