Joint Practice Fisticuffs Are Raging | Jets Assistant Hospitalized Following Jets-Buccaneers Melee

NFL training camps are in full effect, and let’s just say teams don’t like one another. For years now teams have held joint practices all week with their next preseason opponent.

That’s something coaches have used to help them determine who makes the cut when it’s time to cut rosters to 53 players. That includes 46 players dressed for the game and seven practice squad players. 

On Wednesday during the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers joint practice things got a little heated, pushing and shoving ensued, followed by some punches flying. A Jets assistant was hurt and had to be carted off. While, many call it “friendly fire,” when someone is carted off that’s never a good thing.

Jets Assistant Taken To Hospital, But Is Alert

After being carted off Jets defensive backs coach and assistant coach Tony Oden was taken to the hospital for precautionary measures. Jets head coach Robert Saleh talked to reporters this about his assistant’s condition. 

“He’s doing fine. I’m not exactly sure what happened,” Saleh said. “I know it was during one of the altercations. I think he caught some friendly fire. He’s awake, he’s doing fine, he’s stable.”

“I didn’t see what happened because that was around the same time I got into my scuffles,” Saleh explained. “But T.O. has a big place in my heart, so I’m thinking about him right now.”

Buccaneers star wideout Mike Evans, who is set to enter year 10 of his career, told reporters he’s never seen so many fights in a joint practice in his career. 

The dustups are nothing new when you consider the heat, competition and a lot of players battling to make a roster. 

Other Teams Have Had Fights Breakout 

On Tuesday, it was the beltway fight between the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Commanders, which centered on Ravens wideout Devin Duvernay and Commanders prized rookie cornerback Emmanuel Forbes. That one got ugly as well, but, unlike the Jets/Bucs fight, no coaches were harmed. 

On Wednesday, the Rams and Raiders mixed it up with running back Cam Akers and Maxx Crosby getting into it, with punches being thrown.  

It’s football season, and players are tired of training camp, but unfortunately this trend isn’t ending anytime soon, and especially in the dog days of summer. 

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