“I Never Talked To Troy Aikman” | Jets Star Defensive Lineman Quinnen Williams Calls Out Cowboys Legend For Fabricating “Weird” Take

Since the unfortunate injury to quarterback Aaron Rodgers the New York Jets have been trying to figure what type of team they are.

With a stout defense and an offense still trying to find its way, the Jets have grinded their way to a respectable 4-4 record.

One key figure in their dominant defense is defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, who hasn’t quite put up the numbers he did a season ago, but his effect is still being felt. 

During Monday night’s home loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, ESPN analyst and three-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Troy Aikman made a comment that didn’t sit too well with Williams.

Following a tackle for loss, Aikman made mention of the former Alabama star saying he’s a decoy. 

“He calls himself the highest-paid decoy in football.”

Aikman never said where the comment stemmed from, but it didn’t amuse Williams, who signed a huge four-year, $96 million extension in July. The 2022 First-team All-Pro didn’t find the remark funny, and he says it also isn’t true.

Williams Rebuts Aikman’s Statement 

Speaking with reporters, Williams called the comment “weird,” “upsetting,” and “misleading,” mainly because he says that he and Aikman didn’t talk. 

“I never talked to Troy Aikman,” Williams said. “I never said that to Troy Aikman. Like I don’t know where he got that from.”

Aikman’s comment was in response to the Jets pass rush, which has been good this season without Williams having the same kind of season he had in 2022 numbers wise. That’s when he tallied 12 sacks, this season he has just a half a sack after nine weeks of football.

The former Cowboys quarterback also mentioned that Williams might’ve asked coaches about scheming him away from the constant double-teams he faces weekly. 

Jets Coach Robert Saleh Is Happy With Williams’ Play

Saleh, a former defensive coordinator himself, isn’t a huge fan of sacks. In fact he even labels it an “overrated stat.”

In defense of Williams’ low sack numbers this season, the opinionated and outspoken coach told reporters, “Unfortunately, we live in a society where sacks production is the measure of how good a player is and it’s not even close. Williams is wrecking games.”

Williams, along with brother Quincy and fellow linebacker C.J. Mosley, are the heart and soul of the Jets’ top-five defense, one that isn’t getting the offensive support but continues to step up weekly. 

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