Johnny Manziel Suspended For One Half Vs. Rice

According to several reliable college football writers on Twitter, Johnny Manziel will be suspended for one half in Texas A&M's opening game against Rice. The school has yet to announce the suspension, so it is still unclear whether he will be suspended by the team or by the NCAA. 

Either way, a one-half suspension is a complete joke considering what Manziel is accused of doing, given the archaic rules currently in place. Manziel stared down the rule book, laughed and will now get off virtually scot-free while still admitting guilt. 

It begs the question of why Manziel was suspended at all. If the NCAA doesn't have enough evidence to punish him for taking money, a suspension that cost others years of eligibility, what is the use of the half-game?

The NCAA looks foolish once again, as they have throughout the entire Manziel saga.