Joel Embiid Is A Broad Street Bully In His NBA Playoff Debut

Joel Embiid asked the Sixers to stop babying him. Hed rather be known as another Broad Street Bully from Philly than an oversized handle-with-care package. 

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My 5 year old looked up at the TV and saw that Joel Embiid was playing and said “Mom, they stopped babying him?” @JoelEmbiid #TrustTheProcess #Sixers

They obliged him on Thursday night and he made sure there would be no Dwyane Wade magic in Game 3 of the Sixers first round Eastern Conference Playoffs series against the Miami Heat. Embiid just had to wear this RIP Hamilton 2003/LeBron James 2014 Black Mask contraption in Phillys 128-108 win against Miami, which gave the young gunners a 2-1 series lead. 

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No one cared who I was until I put on the mask”…. The Phantom of The Process

Embiid tried to get rid of the mask. Head coach Brett Brown wasnt having it. Miami Heat forward Justice Winslow tried to exterminate the mask by stepping on it. Maybe eliminating the mask would get Embiid removed from the game? Wasn’t a bad strategy, but it didnt stop the 7-foot beast of a baller from dropping 23 points, 7 rebounds and four assists with three blocks in his playoff debut.

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Joel Embiid responds to Justise Winslow stepping and trying to break his mask…#HereTheyCome #TrustTheProcess| #PhilaUnite | #NBAPlayoffs | #76ers | #JoelEmbiid | #NBA | #Sixers | #Philly | #Basketball

When Embiid is on the sidelines, Philly lacks the flair, toughness, confidence and physical dominance he brings to the court. He has the extra sauce and hes the 7-foot-1 force that can back up his loose mouth. 

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Joel Embiid means business.

For all of his offensive ability, his shot-altering defense was most impactful last night. He was on some Dikembe Mutombo swag with his defensive execution. ESPN reported that Miami’s shots were on average seven feet further from the basket when Embiid was in the vicinity. The Sixers big man said that he was the best defensive player in the league and he showed why on Thursday night. 

For a player that young to not only come out and say he wants to be that player, but thats what he is and then play that way, said ESPN’s Max Kellerman,… Embiid is this incredible physical talent with a really high basketball IQ and the desire to be great. 

Joel Embiid Drops 23 Points In First Career Playoff Game

The 76ers defeated the Heat, 128-108 tonight in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference First Round to take a 2-1 series lead. Joel Embiid led the 76ers with a team-high 23 points to go along with 7 rebounds and 4 assists. Which players owned the night?

Embiid is the difference between Philly being true title contenders nd prey for late round, true title chasers. With him on the court, anything is possible. Hes willing to play hurt, hes willing to take important shots and hes willing to be that Broad Street bully and dare other teams to accept Phillys challenge. 

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