“Jim, If I Knew What I Was Going to F***ing Do I Would’ve Already F***ing Done It” | Tom Brady Blasts Co-Host Jim Gray When Asked About His Future

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 8-9 record in the regular season was the worst in Tom Brady‘s three-year tenure with the team after a combined 24-9 record in the regular season over his previous two seasons under center in Tampa. The disappointing playoffs loss to Dallas seemingly pointed to the end for his career. He briefly retired last February for 41 days before returning on March 13, and now the questions loom again about Brady’s future.

There have been reports linking Brady to possibly take over the starting quarterback position for the Las Vegas Raiders, but no moves have been made as of yet with the NFL playoffs still currently going on.

Brady appeared on SiriusXM’s “Let’s Go” podcast with Jim Gray and made a profound statement when Gray asked him about his future.

Gray asked, “Tom you are leaving everybody guessing and you said you would take your time. Do you have any type of timetable with what you are going to do regarding your football career?”

“Jim, if I knew what I was going to f***ing do, I would’ve already f***ing done it, OK. I am taking it a day at a time,” said Brady.

Gray suggested that Brady was antagonized by the question. Brady then responded by saying Gray was “scratching”.

Brady’s Number This Season

The 45-year-old quarterback finished this season with 52.5 quarterback rating that ranked 18th in the NFL, which is the worst in his career since they started keeping the stat in 2006.

He threw for 4,694 passing yards, 25 passing touchdowns, and nine interceptions. He ranked third in passing yards and tied for eighth in passing touchdowns.

Brady threw for over 300 yards in just five games this season, compared to eclipsing that mark in nine of the 17 games in 2021.

The Buccaneers offense were 25th overall in scoring, ranked last in every category for rushing, and ranked second in passing yards per game but 25th in yards per completion. Brady’s 25 passing touchdowns was the worst since arriving in Tampa Bay in 2020.

All those things combined led to the firing of offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich last week and probably to the fiery response from Brady when asked about his future.

Is It Time for Tom to Hang It Up?

The Bucs had a nonexistent run game this season. They also battled injuries with their offensive line and receivers as well. It was tough for them to replace Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown. The off-field drama with Brady divorcing his wife as well played a role in his lack of success, but of course he will never admit that.

He has accomplished everything a football player could’ve possibly asked for in their career with seven Super Bowl titles,two-time Super Bowl MVP, five-time regular season MVP, and just about every passing record in NFL history. There’s nothing left for Brady, but like many have suggested in the past, he would have to be dragged off the field.

Brady looked washed at times during this season, but a fresh start with the Raiders could be the answer for him to give it one last go.

The Raiders have a top-three receiver with DaVante Adams, a top-five tight end with Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow as a good number two option, possibly Josh Jacobs back at running back, and his former offensive coordinator in New England is now Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels.

If he returns to the Buccaneers, he will surely have an input on the new offensive coordinator, Mike Evans, a healthier Chris Godwin, a healthier offensive line, a healthier defense, and the Bucs could address needs like running back in the draft.

Retirement for Brady is looking pretty sweet as well with a massive 10-year deal with Fox Sports for $375 million as soon as he steps off the field for good.

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