Jesse Williams To Direct “Till” But Doubters Are Surfacing

Recently it was announced that “Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams will make his directorial debut in “Till”, about the wife of Mamie Elizabeth Till-Mobley, the mother of Emmett Till. Till was an African-American teenager was lynched in 1955 for the alleged crime of flirting with a white woman.

The plotline of the film will reportedly deal with Till-Mobley’s search for answers following the murder of her son in Jim Crow Mississippi. This senseless crime was also the catalyst that ignited the Civil Rights Movement of the late 50s, early 60s.



Despite how disfigured Emmett’s face and head were, Till-Mobley insisted on an open casket funeral so that his remains could be on full view to show how disgustingly brutal and inhumane racially violence and lynching are.

The movie, based on the Kenneth Beauchamp documentary “The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till”, which also got the US Department of Justice to reopen the case in 2004, will be produced by Williams and Whoopi Goldberg. Production on the film will start next year.

Once upon a time, Jesse Williams was considered as the “Woke Bae” of Hollywood for his fiery oratory against white supremacy and white nationalism on various award shows, as well as other venues in which he had been asked to speak. However, since his widely publicized divorce and about child support, his standing with Black Twitter has been tenuous at best.

DrmCatchr on Twitter

Jesse Williams turned pictures of Emmett Till’s mom into a Nike meme…to promote the movie he’s directing. I can’t lie this makes me question how he’s going to do with the movie

Now, with the recent meme controversy in which he used a photo of Mamie Till-Mobley to create a Nike style meme with the captions “Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything”, he finds himself in hot water again. 

To be certain, it was a d*ckhead move. He should’ve known better. Because of his decision to trivialize the subject matter of a film he’s slated to direct with a meme of this sort Williams already leading many to doubt his judgment, as well as his ability to create a halfway decent motion picture.

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