Jerry Jones Wants Roger Goodell Out As NFL Commissioner

Jerry Jones has always been the type of tycoon that lives in attack mode. If nobody else wanted to or was capable of getting the job done, then best believe Jones would find a way. Throughout the controversy involving NFL players protesting, Jones has been clear on his position and how it affects his bottom line, which according to reports has taken a hit as NFL ratings are supposedly down and advertisers are hesitant as fans are turned off by the entire protest situation. 

He wants Goodell out. If the owners won’t do it a personal crusade will have to do. 

Adding to Jones aggravation is the way the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell have mishandled the Ezekiel Elliott situation, which is never ending and is bounced from courtroom to courtroom weekly. The six game suspension that the NFL levied against Elliot for various patterns of poor behavior, including domestic abuse accusations by a former girlfriend has been hanging over the Dallas Cowboys’ season like a dark hover craft flying over an open Texas plain.

Investigators from the local police force to special, distinguished ones appointed by the Commissioner’s office have found no legitimate reason to punish Elliott, but the NFLs insistence on making an exampleof the African-American superstar infuriates Jones. He feels like it’s personal and unconstitutional and bad for business – same as players not kneeling. 

In addition, its caused further distraction for a Dallas team that has already dealt with its share of sideshows and side stories thanks to Jones firm stance on players standing for the anthem and his threats to fire any player that didnt. 

Jones tried pleading. He tried meeting. He tried compromising. He tried threats and even kneeling, but nothing has stopped this downward NFL spiral. 

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@bonario_debMart @realpaulgavin @mattyglesias @NFL Not sure what I think of Jerry Jones kneeling. Does he have #TrumpRegrets? OK for wealthy to protest as long as they walk the talk

With things tumbling out of control and the recent claim by the Papa Johns CEO that the NFL protests are hurting his business, the recent players-owner meetings and the back and forth about whether or not Colin Kaepernick will be a part of the next mediation between the two sides, Jones has decided to go rogue. He has no faith in his fellow owners to handle the various crisis that has damaged the NFLs reputation and painted a picture of a bleak future. 

He has lost complete faith in the leadership of Roger Goodell and with that in mind, Jones has decided to personally hold up Goodells contract extension with a goal of pushing Goodell out as NFL commissioner for a dereliction of duties and forgetting his $40 million allegiance to the guys who keep him paid and powerful. 

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Jerry Jones threatens to sue NFL if Roger Goodell doesn’t take action on national anthem protests

Most of the other owners dont seem to have a problem with Goodell, who has served the NFL in various league office capacities since the early 80s. He goes back like “Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo” and is heavily supported by the Mara (NY Giants) and Rooney (Pittsburgh Steelers) Families.  

According to TV reports, Jones said in a conference call last Thursday with the six owners those of the Chiefs, Falcons, Giants, Patriots, Steelers and Texans that legal papers would be served this Friday if the committee did not scrap or delay its current plans to extend Goodells contract. Jones, who has owned the Cowboys since 1989, has been a nonvoting member of the committee that is considering Goodells contract, which expires at the end of the 2018 season. He wants a voice now after already voting in May to support Goodells new contract.  

The following paragraph is from an ESPN report about Jerry Joness mounting efforts to undermine Goodell:

A person who spoke recently with Goodell said the commissioner is furious about Jones and other owners insistence that his next contracts compensation should be more performance-based, including incentives that would allow him to be paid at roughly the same level of his current deal. He feels as if the owners have made a lot of money and he should be compensated accordingly, the source said. The incentives thing really angers him.

Reports are that Jones has called in super attorney David Boies whose recent high profile case involves helping Hollywood monster movie mogul Harvey Weinstein execute a contract with a private investigation firm. 

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wow this NYT statement to @brianstelter. Goes hard at David Boies for helping suppress Weinstein accusers while also representing the paper

Boies is well-respected and at the top of his profession, having argued before the Supreme Court and represented billion dollar corporations and executives in high-profile cases.

“The fact that he would get a lawyer that costs an absolute fortune…he went and got the guy  that if you want to sue somebody, you got the right guy…he means business, sports guru Mike Francesa said on his daily afternoon show on WFAN in New York. 

Jerry Jones is going after the league in a manner that we have only seen displayed by the legendary Raiders owner Al Davis, who in the 1980s strong-armed his way to Los Angeles in 1982 over league objections before returning the team to Oakland in 1995.

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Raiders have done this before: Leave OAK for LA 1982; back to Oakland 1995; now to Las Vegas.

The NFL soap opera keeps getting better and messier. Jones is preparing for war and he wants Goodell out. He wants his running back exonerated and he wants every player to respect the anthem. Hes preparing for his last and greatest victory as the lone soldier championing for justice and raging against the machine. Hes placing the blame at the feet of Roger Goodell.   

This year for the NFL now has become utter chaos, Francesa added. Eventually the owners are going to get together and say , Whats the one thing here that we think could maybe alleviate all this chaos? Eventually theyre going to come up with the answer that…its a new commissioner.

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